Domestic Animal
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Oct 16
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Featuring: Naomi
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  • Panel 01
    • Caption: MICHAEL Also staying for one month, but actually has plans after that
    • Michael: ..So that's when I decided that starting a housing cooperative was the best thing to shoot for..
  • Panel 02
    • Caption: WIN Short for Winston. Totally apt.
    • Win: You guys, it's 1PM.. 1PM PARTY!
    • Win: Time to fucking party! It's Monday. 1PM!!
  • Panel 03
    • Naomi: Aaand what exactly did you have in mind for that?
    • Win: Isn't it obvious?
  • Panel 04
    • Caption: Back on the porch, now with beer!
    • Michael: Why did we buy all this bizarre Eastern Eurorpean beer?
    • Naomi and Win: It was CHEAP!
    • Caption: Win, now wearing a shirt for reasons unknown
  • Panel 05
    • Naomi: I don't know, this Polish porter tastes intense…
    • Naomi: …but I'm strangely addicted.
    • Win: WAIT.
  • Panel 06
    • Win: We HAVE to go feed BUTTERCUP!
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