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Apr 27
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Hey there. So it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a comic page. I do want to thank long time readers for the patience.

I was cruising along on the posting train for little bit, pills but I took the hiatus to do some skill building and solidify my work schedule so that I can reliably post at least one page per week. With some hard work and a lot of help from talented comic drawing friends, I’ve made lots of progress and am excited to announce that I will be posting all new pages from this week, every Monday.

Right, so today’s not a Monday, but it is the first day of Stumptown Comics Fest here in Portland, so I thought it would be a nice day to post my first new page in a while. So the next one won’t be this Monday, but a week from Monday. Enjoy!

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Featuring: Naomi
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Say It!
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  • Panel 01
    • Win: Just around the corner…
  • Panel 02
    • Win: Welcome to the prospect park stables!
  • Panel 03
    • Win: We should her this bush
    • Naomi: Uh, do you think that it's food?
    • Win: Only one way to find out.
  • Panel 04
    • Win: Good girl, buttercup!
    • Sound effect: chomp chomp
  • Panel 05
    • Sound effect: Hahah...
  • Panel 06
    • Naomi: Wait...
  • Panel 07
    • How do you now this horse's name is Buttercup!?
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