Domestic Animal
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Oct 31
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Featuring: Iris Exposion, Naomi
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  1. Keep it real yo!! hahaha.

    Love the new design!

    January 11th, 2012 2:26 pm
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  • Panel 01
    • Naomi:
    • I've got a whole day to explore New York. What should I do??
  • Panel 02
    • Iris:
    • Well, there's a nice walk down to Cental Park. You could take the train into the Village, r meet me near Times Square after work.
  • Panel 03
    • Iris:
    • Anyway I gotta go, but have fun!
    • Naomi:
    • I'll do my best!
    • iPhone:
    • [Call from] Angry Producer Mobile
  • Panel 04
    • Angry Producer:
    • I know you know what you're doing and how long it takes but shit fuck FUCK do it now anyway!
    • Naomi:
    • Uh...
    • Angry Producer:
    • I'll call and text you to insult your ability until you're done OK love you, bye.
  • Panel 05
    • Insert:
    • 8 hours later
    • Iris:
    • I'm hooome. Wha- did you even leave the house? What's up?
  • Panel 06
    • Naomi:
    • Work...
    • Insert:
    • Still in my pajamas!
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