Domestic Animal
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Sep 25
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Featuring: Naomi
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  • Panel 01
    • Red: I should introduce you to Riley, you'll want to go talk to him him if you decide to stay with us.
  • Panel 02
    • Riley: Oh hey, I'm just getting ready to leave. You should totally move here.
  • Panel 03
    • Naomi: Woah, are you in a band?
    • Riley: OF COURSE
  • Panel 04
    • Riley: Not today though. Off to get drunk an' play Xbox.
    • Riley: Any more questions about the house before I go?
  • Panel 05
    • Naomi: Well, hmm…
    • Naomi: This may seem like kind of a strange question… some group houses seem to have
    • names and so I was wonder-
  • Panel 06
    • Riley: We're called "Faygeleh Farm.
  • Panel 07
    • Naomi: When can I bring my stuff?
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