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Jun 11
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A long time since the last page, pancreatitis I know, but guess what? I posted it from a house. A house where I put more than a small duffel of clothing down. A house with an address where people can mail me things and I can shred and recycle them!

That’s right, I’ve put a wrap on the transient lifestyle and moved to… OK wait, if you’re hoping for a surprise at the end of the comic then stop reading. You’ve been warned. Spoiler alert.


So, no promises, but… In a very different turn of events I don’t have any travel plans for a while.
Believe it or not, I originally planned on making this comic just behind real time events, but the level of quality I wanted (and the amount of work I do that doesn’t involve making this comic) made that really hard. Hopefully, though, now that I’m done traveling I can start to power through that story.

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Featuring: Naomi
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  • Panel 01
    • Narration: I was the only new person at the party, so it was tough meeting people.
  • Panel 02
    • Narration: But look!
      Someone by himself.
    • Narration: Who are they?
    • Narration: I could say hi~
    • Narration: But what if-
    • Narration: I should talk to them.
  • Panel 03
    • Naomi: Heeyy, very lush smoking jacket! I'm Naomi.
    • Adam: Oh, hi! I'm Adam.
  • Panel 04
    • Naomi: SoO… how do you know everybody here?
  • Panel 05
    • Adam: So, umm… Actually this is kind of my… birthday party?
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