Domestic Animal
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Oct 3
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Featuring: April, Mike, Naomi, Shoko
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  • Panel 01:
    • Sign: STILL IN
    • Sign: LA BUT
    • Naomi:
    • What I'd really like to do is freelance while I try living in different cities for maybe a month at a time. New York, Northern California, a small townÉ
    • Shoko:
    • You should do it!
  • Panel 02:
    • Naomi:
    • And then, maybe make a comic about the whole thing.
  • Panel 03:
    • April:
    • You should do that! Let's get you some paper.
    • Insert:
    • Corey's wife April!
  • Panel 04:
    • Insert:
    • Visiting college friend Mike in Boston.
    • Naomi:
    • But how should I introduce my comic?
    • Mike:
    • Just draw a narrative of the conversations you've had leading up to it.
  • Panel 05:
    • Naomi:
    • That's STUPID Mike.
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